Announcing the launch of theMediaFlow

Solutions for generating and improving revenues online.

London, April 30th 2009.

theMediaFlow, a new and unique consultancy with specialist focus on generating online revenues, is gearing up for launch at the start of May 2009.

theMediaFlow Ltd is the UK’s first specialist online revenue consultancy, serving brand owners, publishers, businesses and charities by offering specialist solutions to increase online revenues. Founded by ex-Yahoo! Head of Commercial Partner Development, Nichola Stott and web entrepreneur and former Yahoo! Senior Commercial Analyst – Stephen Adds, theMediaFlow’ services span the stages from commercial strategy, design and build, performance optimisation and social media training, to ensure consistent best-practise for online revenue generation.

theMediaFlow take an holistic approach, helping you generate and grow online revenues using our extensive knowledge and experience throughout all stages of your project. Speaking about the launch today, Director – Nichola Stott said “…having a brand, an audience and a commercial model is only the start to generating revenues online. It is essential that the commercial strategy speaks to the audience; and is designed and built using best- practise in design and usability for increasing revenue potential. Your core product, commercial strategy or ad solution is only half of the journey. Experience tells us an intelligent, integrated approach to revenue generation must be considered at all stages of your project.”

Using performance tracking and analysis theMediaFlow provide detailed monthly performance reports presented in a simple and meaningful way, so that ongoing improvements can be made.

theMediaFlow provide strategic consultation services, design and build for revenue generation, product/solution integration, Search Engine Optimisation (for increased presence in search engines), monthly management and look and feel optimisation, social media marketing and training for brand growth and audience extension.

About the author


Nichola Stott

Nichola is Founder and Director of theMediaFlow; with over 10 years experience in online marketing, over six of which in search. Nichola learned all about search at Yahoo! as head of UK search partners.


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