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Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors Explained

SEO can be a confusing discipline for many, including those within the online industry. A lot of conflicting advice, secrecy, misdirection and outdated practise still exist. A good way to get a feel for how to cut the bullshit, (if you’re a small business or brand owner, seeking to hire an SEO) is to refer (read more)

How and Why to Own Google Page 1 for Your Brand

For any business, your brand is one of the most important things about you. It’s your intellectual property, your social currency, your reputation and what makes you distinct from any other organisation. It is arguably easier now than it ever has been to reinforce and promote your brand, due to media and technologies that allow (read more)

Tips for Growing Your Social Media Brand

Your social media brand could be defined as a consistent and recognisable presence across multiple and different social media. Selecting which social media on which to be present and at what level to engage/communicate is a whole other topic in itself. In this instance we’re assuming you know where and how you want to engage (read more)

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