London Affiliate Conference – Keynote: Bing, The New Search Experience

Speakers: Cedric Chambaz and Adam Goodman – Microsoft Advertising.

Confession. I bleed purple. I have an emotional as well as professional motive for attending this session. I’m also becomming a big Bing fan of late and I’m pretty excited to see what they come up with this year.

2009 – Bing has established itself as the “best converting” search engine.

Cedric, 34MM UU in the UK across MSN Windows Live Messenger etc. IT’s not all about reach for you – it’s about performance. Today we’re looking at product capabilities focusing on Bing.

Launched June 2009 and is apparently the “best converting” search engine.

One question we always get. Why bother in search? A – because we are committed to succeed. 5 yrs ago Steve Ballmer said “we want to be number 2”, now they are so how to take it further.

Context – in ten years we have seen 100,000% growth in content. Everything has changed including consumer behaviour. It’s way more difficult to get around the web – hence the rise of search. More and more people are searching more and more.

Queries are becoming more complex in string length and composition. Many more variables to consider and consumers are voicing their frustrations with the search experience. Consumers have evolved faster than search.

Bing Promise: – A brand new search experience. Rich and engaging search content to help British consumers reach more content more quickly.

Intent – we switch on the internet because we want to switch on the internet. Just like TV. Don’t really have an objective in mind.

Bing – capturing  attention using the UI – the attractive imagery. Intended to be a source of information too, with some rollover features. Images are chosen locally by UK journo.

To the search engine nitty gritty.

Many, many queries are purely navigational – therefore why clutter the SERP with anything other than the desired object. E.g. “William Hill” , you would expect the brand result for William Hill.

Informational searches – delivering the answer in the SERP with the feature “instant answer”. E.g. if you type the ref for your flight “BA74″ in the search box then details of the flight will appear in the SERP, giving an instant answer; such as “BA74 departed LAX at 17:45, on time and is due to land at…”.

In the next few weeks expect to see live sports results in the SERP (done in partnership with in-market content providers). Partners include Sky Sports and Toptable.

UX is at the core. Understanding or catering for intent is key. Hence the left navigation. Categorised search for related query term.

Twitter – Bing were 1st to market with this integration.

Innovation is a core philosophy. Example – using visual stimulus to search, such as searching premiership players by image. Refine by rollover information on the image or refine criteria in the left-hand links. E.g. “Top Scorers” (This looks awesome).

He quotes John Batelle. “Search engine: the database of intent” (I’ll leave it there.)

Over to Adam, who manages the entertainment and gaming channel. We’re gonna get some stats (whohoo).

Reach – 90% of UK internet base.

Unique functionality and tools. MSN targeting capabilities. Adcentre platform has some sophistocated targetting – including days of the week, age and gender.

3rd year running NNR reports Bing as best converting search engine in the UK.

Bing searchers 47.4% more engaged than Google searchers.

The remainder is an interesting sales pitch for their various AdCenter tools, with UI screenshots. I’ll leave it there. The tool is called “Mate” and has a lot of deep-dive data, demographics, trends, KW data etc. so look it up.

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Nichola Stott

Nichola is Founder and Director of theMediaFlow; with over 10 years experience in online marketing, over six of which in search. Nichola learned all about search at Yahoo! as head of UK search partners.


  1. Liz says:

    ‘The tool is called “Mate” and has a lot of deep-dive data, demographics, trends, KW data etc. so look it up.’

    Its know as the MAI Tool and can be found here:

    Great read though! I would loved to have been at the event. :-)

  2. [...] years’ conference was extremely good and Nichola covered a number of sessions, including the Bing keynote and the excellent Golden Links [...]

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