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It’s been a busy end to the summer at theMediaFlow house, as the website we promised ourselves last year that would be ready by February was finally born. It’s been a fairly busy summer for us with some additional client projects taking us into some new and exciting areas and our own website was being consistently relegated to the bottom of the pile. As we’d grown so our had our client base, and our achievements and the old website was not a true reflection of the organisation we have become.

We decided we had to take on external help so that we could continue to serve our clients as well as re-launch our own website and so we turned to Dan Taylor of SEOwned. We’ve known Dan for some years and had always been impressed by his affable and inquisitive nature and his can-do attitude. Dan is one of those great people that can turn their hand to anything in order to get the job done. We wanted Dan to re-build the site with some additional features and more varied page templates, plus elaborate on the previous design by Katy Bairstow, incorporating some great themes we’d used from  FHOKE for a display advertising campaign over the Q2/3 period. We also needed Dan to understand our SEO requirements and instantly understand where we were going with our instructions and content plan and run with it. Boy, did he run with it!

We’d also like to thank our secret weapon graphics-designer who designed all the little characters and themes to illustrate our core services. I particularly like this one:

Happy graduates get real jobs.

Finally we would like to thank Christeen, who charted the optimal launch date and time for the site according to the new moon.

Thanks to everyone involved in the project including Pete for putting in the extra hours in proofing and project managing design and development aspects with Dan, and again huge props to Dan for going the extra mile.

We loved working with ya fella!



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Nichola Stott

Nichola is Founder and Director of theMediaFlow; with over 10 years experience in online marketing, over six of which in search. Nichola learned all about search at Yahoo! as head of UK search partners.

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  1. Dan Taylor says:

    It was a pleasure working with you guys, honestly. Really pleased with how the site turned out too!

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