New Team Members

On January 2nd we welcomed three new team members at TMF stables, namely Kat McCarthy, Hannah Thorpe and Juan Barros Rivas.

Kat joins us as trainee digital content strategist and is responsible for editorial research, content ideation and content creation and is currently planning some amazing projects for our clients.

Kat comes to us from Brighton University as a Digital Media Design graduate and in her spare time loves Airsofting. We’re thrilled to have Kat on our team for her directly relevant educational background as well potentially invaluable skills for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Hannah is currently in her final few months of studies at Southampton University (Economics) and joins the team as digital marketing executive. Hannah has an unhealthy obsession with crap American reality TV. (The Biggest Duckwives meet The Kardashians – you know; that sort of thing…)

Juan is making the transition to digital marketing having spent some time in marketing and PR, particularly in consumer travel. Juan joins as Digital Marketing Executive and enjoys climbing and Wing Chun in his spare time.

Please join us in welcoming Kat, Hannah and Juan to the team!

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Nichola Stott

Nichola is Founder and Director of theMediaFlow; with over 10 years experience in online marketing, over six of which in search. Nichola learned all about search at Yahoo! as head of UK search partners.


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