The Agency Collective: Manchester Dinner - March 20th

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Do you own a digital agency in Manchester?

Are you Anna Moss, Alex Moss, Simon Wharton, Roy Wilding, Guy Levine, James Crawford, Nicky Wake, Andrew Wake or any other creative digital agency owner, or founder around the Greater Manchester area?

If yes, then please book your ticket now for The Agency Collective dinner "How to Build a £1MM Digital Agency" on March 20th. Here use our discount code for 10% off [THEMEDIAFLOW]: Eventbrite.

Now here's why...

The Agency Collective is an organisation that helps aspiring creative agencies to grow bigger and better through organising quarterly group dinners and providing inspiration, insight and support in the digital industry. Knowledge and expertise are passed from experienced veterans to those both starting their journey and those with more experience who may be at pivotal growth stages in their agency plan.

A partnership between and The Wow Company. The Agency Collective ship is steered by industry vets who really have been through it. Spencer Gallagher former owner of Bluhalo and Pete Hoole (former Bluhalo FD) are (who provide support and consultation to growing indy agencies) and trust me I saw first-hand the growth of Bluhalo and later sale to Gyro International, as I had a business partnership with the guys back in Yahoo! days. They. Know. Their. Stuff.

The Agency Collective provides great benefits such as guides on "Ways to win new business" and "21 Reasons why creative agencies aren't profitable". It also encourages networking, how to improve your cash flow and even help you to find new talent in order to boost your agency faster and more effectively; however, the dinner is specifically focused on growth. Getting to that £1MM pivot point which many agency owners aspire to.

Pete and I went along to the Bournemouth dinner on Wednesday night already knowing that we'd get great value, as pretty much any five minute conversation I've ever had with Spencer and the guys involved in this group have inspired me to push us onto each new phase; however, we got even more than we expected. Within the first ten minutes we met two other agency owners who had some great advice and perspectives on shared challenges. I think there's a lot to be said for just hearing that you're not alone and that other business owners experience similar learnings and it's great to be able to benefit from someone who has been there and solved a problem. The most beneficial part for us was the presentation from Spencer which included some great advice and insight driven by real experience and we came away with a to-do list and a renewed enthusiasm for all that we do here.

Feb 21 2014
Nichola Stott
Nichola Stott

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