We Came, We saw, We Kayaked!

As the end of July marked the successful completion of probationary period for Lizzie (account manager and data nerd) we decided to mark this with a team-building trip. Not being the types for awkward initiative exercises in a Travel Tavern we thought we'd try something a little different. Kayaking!

We started out from the office on Wednesday afternoon, driving to the New Forest to our accommodation for the night, which was the gorgeous Master Builder's Hotel in Beaulieu, in a tiny little hamlet called Bucklers Hard; which is a perfectly preserved 18th Century shipbuilding village. Once unpacked and settled in, we then caught a local taxi to our dinner venue so we could celebrate with Lizzie in style. If you're anything of a foodie you'll be familiar with Angela Hartnett, who along with Luke Holder run the restaurant Hartnett, Holder & Co at Limewood Hotel. This was possibly the best decision I've ever made in my life ever. Of all time.

Angela Hartnett is a genius

Look, I even made a collage. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

The food was amazing. Great service, great advice on the wine and if you get a chance to go, try the "coda uova affumicato", which if I try to describe it will be a disservice.

After an amazing meal we caught a cab back to The Master Builder's for an early night, (ready for an early morning), which started with our hosts for the day (Liquid Logistics) picking us up from the Bucklers Hard museum. Our lead guide Rich, asked us a couple of questions about experience (a little) and confidence (no fear) and then surmised he'd take us on an open water crossing to the Isle of Wight!

Once we got into the water and got the feel for the kayaks, we were taught some basic skills like turning and edging. I'm please to say that the only people that fell in were the company directors (myself included) though to be honest it only added to the fun. Overall it was a great team day out and a novel way to formally welcome our newest team member.

Some facts about Lizzie

Makes amazing cakes out of vegetables using Harry Eastwood's recipes from this awesome book.

Is doing an actual degree whilst having a full-time job.

Is the BOSS of PowerPivot

Aug 02 2013
Nichola Stott
Nichola Stott

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