Earning Links Using Business Assets. My Presentation from SearchLondon Meet-up

I was delighted to present to members of the Search London Meetup group at Google's new Shoreditch Campus.

My topic was earning links by telling stories. In particular I focused on leveraging business assets to create those stories . The main point I stressed is that earning links is a three-stage process. First ideation, then content creation, then distribution. It's not enough to create good-looking content, or good quality content. Without an idea behind it or a story to tell the content is one-dimensional and lacks the required value to earn links (or social shares for that matter). It's not enough to create good content, from a great idea and then expect people to link to it. There still needs to be a distribution phase. We still need skilled people to identify the right online audience for our stories, we need to conduct outreach to the people that write the content for those online audiences to position our story to them or offer our story wholesale.

If we don't have a story to tell through our content then it's hard to earn those links. This presentation looks at the ideation stage of the link-earning cycle.

Mar 20 2013
Nichola Stott
Nichola Stott

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