We Need to Write a Blog Post About Everything that Happened Last Week...

It is insanely busy here at tMF stables, but some amazing things have happened and if I don't get this down then, well...  Also, I'm off my face on coffee at the moment so without further ado...

Frog in rainbow plane

See that? That's me that is.

We had a cupcake bake-off and Lizzie won...

cake cake cake cake

Then we went to the awesome Wirehive 100 Awards and caught up with some great people like Matt from DotLabel and Spencer of Cact.us and Claire of WavesPR (check them all out as you would be well advised to use their services.)

And we only flipping won "Best Use of Search".

wirehive awards best use of search

(Stolen from Wirehive Facebook page)

And then we did the double! (Fastest Growth Over 3 Years).

Wirehive Awards for theMediaFlow

And then the next day we moved into our lovely new office (and don't tell anyone but we were slightly hungover...)

Petered out

Then we got two new clients, which felt like this...

Baby oooh

And then we hired the awesome guys at Bairwell to build a website for a new biz project and commissioned the talented Dawn of Project Friday to take on our email marketing for us. I believe the valley term is "dogfooding". Or dogging. Not sure... We also got the fantastic Dan Taylor of Tailored Internet Marketing to build a new section on this website that is coming soon!

Anyway - that's it for now. Here's a bonus picture of Danny Dyer.


Danny Dyer

Hat tip to Dan Travis Brown of Web Vitality who did a really funny Brighton SEO round-up post which inspired this informal style.

Sep 26 2013
Nichola Stott
Nichola Stott

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