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Social Media: Think “Mindset” Not Platform

2009 was the year that a lot of businesses really embraced social media, particularly in Europe. (I’d say more like 2008 in the U.S.) Not just businesses, but non-profit brands, causes, goverment organisations and even John Prescott. I think that this is a great thing. The product capabilities of social media platforms, such as Twitter, (read more)

What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation? (In English)!

In a recent meeting with Richard Addis; founder of Shakeup Media and former Express Editor, (not to mention associate Editor of The Daily Mail, The Sunday Telegraph, The Financial Times and The Evening Standard), our conversation turned to what is it about our approach (at theMediaFlow) that makes us different? I explained that at the (read more)

Does My Business’ Website Need a Blog?

Everywhere that you look online you can come across blog content; from deeply personal diary accounts, to small business blogs, to professional media blogs. It may feel at times that if you are not sharing your work and personal activities with the world, then it’s you that has the personality disorder. Not so. Blogging isn’t (read more)

Turn an Error into an Opportunity (Commercial ’404′)

You may be aware that one of the many foundation, best-practise points recommended by search engine optimisation experts is to have your own customised error page. An error page is the page of content presented, when an error has occurred in trying to access or locate content on your website. In this case we are (read more)

The A to Z of Online Business Models – Part 1.

As a follow-up to a previous post, in which I stressed the importance of having a defined business model before starting to invest in the production of your online business idea, I wanted to create a fairly robust source of the disparate online business models in common use in commercial-web practise. I’m not going to (read more)

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