SAScon 2014 Social Round-Up

This is the second in a series of theMediaFlow team’s round ups of our top takeaways from the Social sessions at SAScon. By social we’re not talking about the drinking and bowling, it’s time to get serious about twitter with tips from Opta Joe and then learn the lessons of social media strategy from Laura Thomas by looking at online dating.

Twitter Tips from Opta Joe

Before this talk ’Opta Joe’ was not something that meant a lot to me. I’m not really the target demographic for a sports data company so this isn’t surprising. Now those who know nothing of Opta Joe would be expecting this talk to come from Joe, but no, instead Simon Banoub presented their social strategy. Simon Banoub is the Marketing Director of Opta and responsible for the creation of the Opta twitter family.
Opta have created a powerful social family that interacts not just in UK twitter but globally. This was done through creating a family on twitter: Opta Joe talks about English football, Opta Jim talks about cricket, Opta Jonny talks about rugby, Opta Jean talks in French about French football

  1. Segment your audience and accounts therefore you can tweet about relevant, appropriate stuff to each audience.

opta twitter family segments their audience

2. Consistency is key. Develop trust through being reliable in content, tone and approach. Creating a style that remains stable makes the brand recognisable.

Opta Tweet Structure

opta tweet example

3. Be human and approachable, let the staff participate and join conversations without being monitored (but do have a social media policy)

Misconduct on twitter

Whilst to us this is a hilarious bit of twitter policy gone wrong highlighted by econsultancy.  PayPal probably didn’t see the funny side of their director of global strategy doing this.

5. Utilise scheduling and find out when people read your content.

6. Target people who can amplify your message positively.

opta outreach tweet

7. Don’t swap to platforms that aren’t relevant. If you don’t suit pinterest then don’t feel like you need it.

8. Monitor what you’re doing and test approaches to demonstrate your brand evolving and evolving communities.

9. Play the long game and accept that social media popularity is not instant.

10. Remember you’re on peoples timelines for a reason, fulfil that purpose by being interesting or helpful or offering an expert perspective.
This is a diplomatic way of saying that whilst that video of screaming goats, or a list of Danny Dyer’s top tweets turned into inspirational posters might be hilarious; if it doesn’t suit your audience then maybe just keep it to yourself.

This should be a lesson to any global brands that are questioning the value of their twitter and social media use. OptaJoe now have 543,000 followers, a recognisable brand and achieve over 100 interactions on each tweet. Used correctly and with a defined strategy social media can be one of the most valuable marketing tools to your business in creating brand awareness.

13 Things that Online Dating Taught Me about Smashing Social Media KPIs

Laura Thomas is the Head of Social at Return on Digital, who specialise in strategy and analytics with social advertising. She focuses on great social campaigns with large ROIs.

SAScon Laura Thomas Intro

Planning your social media strategy? Laura Thomas offered us all some brilliant advice on the do’s and don’ts of twitter, Facebook and all forms of social media. To keep things entertaining, and make for an extremely memorable presentation Laura compared the failures of company’s online strategy to the failure of men on online dating. Spend 10 minutes on tinder and you will 100% get where she was coming from.

Firstly Laura recommends that the best way to start your social media strategy is to only target your likely conversions; whilst a ground-breaking, revolutionary strategy would make you the coolest people in SEO (is that really an achievement?) no one is going to back your strategy financially if they can’t see some evidence of your success. This means start by targeting the people that actually like your brand, the ones that will click ‘buy now’ without hesitation and the ones that already are your friends!

Recognise what is successful with these people and repeat. It’s quite simple when you think about it, when you find something good you should keep doing it, don’t mess about with the golden formula to begin with or you could risk losing your entire audience with one bad humoured joke.

This also means picking a relevant platform. You need to be visible where your audience are, if your audience don’t know the difference between a tweet and a pin then maybe stick to Facebook. And remember:

Social Media Platform Tweet

Another lesson that needs to be ingrained in the minds of anyone running their corporation’s digital presence is that topical does not equate to relevant. Whilst it might officially be the world’s Sauntering Day (yes this is a thing) if your business is absolutely nothing to do with a casual stroll then there is probably no point jumping on this bandwagon.

Finally, remember that the point in your social media is to encourage a conversation. That means you need to focus on asking questions, covering interesting topics, and actually giving people a reason to talk. If all you do is show people something to buy are they going to answer you? Probably not. If you ask for and demonstrate that you value their information? That’s a lot more likely.

All in all, Laura gave one of the best presentations I saw at SAScon. The whole room was engaged with her presentation, and somewhat horrified by the world of online dating, but most definitely laughing along. So everyone at theMediaFlow is looking forward to hearing more from Laura in the future.

And just in case you’re looking to give the SEO dating game a go….

SAScon SEO DatingCheck back later for our final SAScon round-up all about Content Marketing.

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Jun 20 2014

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