SESLondon 2014 - From Strategy to Execution: Creative Content Marketing #SESLon

Lisa Myers Verve Search

Lisa starts by defining creativity and creative content and specifies that for her content extends outside of the owned and operated so includes for the client site and for extended networks such as social and online media. Whilst multi-media types of content are all under consideration the key thing that underpins them all is creativity. Great ideas!

Lisa brings a volunteer to the stage to illustrate the point (very brave Arianne Donoghue). Lisa asks Arianne to hold her arm straight out in front and resist when she pushes it down. When thinking about positive memories Lisa is unable to push Arianne arm down; whereas when asked to focus on an unpleasant memory there's little resistance. Point being great ideas come from passion and belief otherwise they're destined to fail.

Blogger outreach still works as long as its not bad, bad blogger outreach doesn't work, Guess what? It never did. When it comes to great writing and belief in outreach assigning people tasks that they care about means results are always better.

Link Attraction: Instead of spending time trying to generate links, think of ways you can attract links via the right angle and solid execution, work smarter, not necessarily harder.

If everyone is drawing crosses, draw a circle (which reminds me of that awesome Doge ad in The Guardian which also illustrates this point). Think like a 50's ad agency and think like a geek.

Matt Roberts VP Marketing at Linkdex

Content is fundamental to making money and making brands so say goodbye to minimum viable content, OK content isn't OK okay?

Even your best friends wont share just okay content but if you commit to long term, you gain traction, once you hit the tipping point things begin to move so content marketing isn't something you do sporadically or half-heartedly or it's a waste of time and effort.

Zero moment of truth content (ZMOT) learn the concept, as it is it about what consumers really do when they buy a product.

Start with stimulus ie tv, at the ZMOT 50% of everything we buy is touched by a search engine you talk less to your friends and family!

AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (upside down pyramid) are all questions or considerations in the content development path.

Matt recommends the book Contagious: Why Things Catch on (which we also recommend and swear by our office copy - Kat). Contagious content: score your ideas based on triggers, social currency, stories, practical value, public, social currency, will it make them look good?

Stories: what's your trojan horse, has to be good

Emotion: When we care, we share, sponsorship, challenges, wrong doings

Triggers: What sights sounds and other stimulus reminds us of related products and ideas, events that trigger an emotion

Public: People imitate, i.e. product placement

Practical: News you can use, guides, how to, infographics etc

Whilst these are Matts' summary points both speakers seem very much in agreement

  • Content doesn't have to cost the earth

  • It isn't just about search visibility it's about creating brands

  • If it's connected smartly budgeting is easy

Feb 11 2014

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