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Thinkvisibility 7 Highlights from @ismepete

It was time once again for one of my favourite conferences with ThinkVisibility 7, and Nichola and I took the mammoth trek on a road trip to represent for southern England. Before I get started with my round up, I do want to thank Dom and his ace team for putting on yet another cracking (read more)

My Most Used Search Marketing Tools

As a result of moving jobs recently to come and join theMediaFlow, I’ve had to re-audit the tools that I use on a regular basis, as well as moving all my bookmarks across. I was incredibly grateful for the Google Chrome Syncing functionality. In my last role, we had a number of internal tools that I’ve (read more)

Bing Ranking Algorithm Includes CTR

I just read Bing have finally confirmed what some of us have suspected for some time. Bing definitely do use CTR as a ranking factor. Although Bing is currently very much the also-ran, in terms of search engine market share; their partnership with Yahoo! (which will be in effect in the UK before year end) (read more)

London Affiliate Conference – Keynote: Bing, The New Search Experience

Speakers: Cedric Chambaz and Adam Goodman – Microsoft Advertising. Confession. I bleed purple. I have an emotional as well as professional motive for attending this session. I’m also becomming a big Bing fan of late and I’m pretty excited to see what they come up with this year. 2009 – Bing has established itself as (read more)

Google – Well we can’t all be perfect!

SEO is in some ways a science and at the same time a craft. Given that the search engine algorithms are kept possibly more secret than ‘The Colonels Secret Recipe’, none of us know for certain the definite answer to any SEO question. Our theories of what works and what does not work, must be (read more)

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