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Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors Explained

SEO can be a confusing discipline for many, including those within the online industry. A lot of conflicting advice, secrecy, misdirection and outdated practise still exist. A good way to get a feel for how to cut the bullshit, (if you’re a small business or brand owner, seeking to hire an SEO) is to refer (read more)

Why Metadata Matters

We’re often asked by our clients ‘What is metadata?’ and ‘Why is metadata important?’ Metadata quite literally means ‘data about data’. In terms of web pages, metadata allows you to describe your website, mostly for the sake of search engines but it can also benefit your users too. The HTML format allows for the inclusion (read more)

A Week in Digital

It’s been a funny old week (and a bit more… ) in the online industry. We’ve had huge budget product launches from Microsoft; frankly weird search tool updates in the form of Google Squared. Some sort of attempt to cater to the vocal “I like my 10 blue links in a spreadsheet” community, and by (read more)

Google Base: A Guide for Maximum Product Exposure

Google Base is a free service from Google that allows you to submit content, most notably product feeds. If Google finds the content that you have submitted relevant, it may appear on some of their other service offerings such as their Shopping search engine or Google Maps. Google Base is an excellent way to advertise (read more)

How Charities can Benefit from a Commercial-Web Approach

If you are a small to medium sized charity, seeking to use your website to facilitate donations; chances are you probably don’t have a large budget to spare on marketing, or numerous and specialised staff for that matter. You probably have a fairly small team, including hard-working volunteers, wearing many hats! You may not have (read more)

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