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SESLondon 2014 – From Strategy to Execution: Creative Content Marketing #SESLon

Lisa Myers – Verve Search Lisa starts by defining creativity and creative content and specifies that for her; content extends outside of the owned and operated – so includes for the client site and for extended networks such as social and online media. Whilst multi-media types of content are all under consideration the key thing (read more)

Crowdsourcing for Science

Whilst crowdsourcing has been the darling buzzword of social media – facilitating consumer research, citizen journalism and even contributing to the organisation of political groups, exposes and social change there’s another crowdsourcing revolution taking place in the science community. Possibly just as valuable if not in some ways more so; crowdsourcing has revolutionised scientific research (read more)

Thinkvisibility 7 Highlights from @ismepete

It was time once again for one of my favourite conferences with ThinkVisibility 7, and Nichola and I took the mammoth trek on a road trip to represent for southern England. Before I get started with my round up, I do want to thank Dom and his ace team for putting on yet another cracking (read more)

My Most Used Search Marketing Tools

As a result of moving jobs recently to come and join theMediaFlow, I’ve had to re-audit the tools that I use on a regular basis, as well as moving all my bookmarks across. I was incredibly grateful for the Google Chrome Syncing functionality. In my last role, we had a number of internal tools that I’ve (read more)

Who owns the Social Space? A Debate

Social Media Week kicks off next week, February 7-11 and as part of this, Nichola will be hosting an event with Claire Thompson of WavesPR. “Who Owns the Social Space?” A Debate. The debate marks the laaunch of a joint business venture between the two SEO PR Training.   It’s a hotly contested topic at (read more)

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