abbr. Pay-Per-Click
see also: Paid Search Advertising
thesaurus: Paid Search marketing, Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter


Pay-per-Click Advertising is one of the most transparent and effective forms of online advertising if done well. As you would imagine, you only pay if a search user clicks on your advert, meaning that return-on-investment is simple to track and profitability is easy to manage.

Pay-per-click advertising works best with organic search marketing; reinforcing your brand appearance and messaging whilst managing budget smarter across both marketing channels. PPC can also be super-effective when used alone. PPC Advertising is almost instant and therefore extremely useful for time-sensitive marketing campaigns such as seasonal offers, sales, projects, new products or newsworthy and topical offers.

At theMediaFlow all team members have years of experience in setting up and managing paid search campaigns of all sizes and are 100% committed to delivering maximum ROI to our customers.

Here’s how we help:

  • Keyword research, refinement and term list creation
  • Campaign creation, set-up, testing
  • Campaign management and on-going adjustments
  • Monthly appraisals
  • Campaign audits and assessments for self-managed clients

To find out how theMediaFlow can grow your profit and increase ROI on paid search, call today on +44(0)1420 540227 or email us at enquire@themediaflow.com.

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