Social Media
noun: forms of online communication through which participants share content and interact with each other publicly or within common-interest groups


Social media is now integral to how we communicate with each other. From the US Airways Hudson River landing, to the Arab Spring demonstrations that began in December 2010; social platforms facilitated by the availability of mobile-web devices have changed the way we communicate with both mass audiences and on an interpersonal level. Social Media websites and platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest already have highly-engaged and very large audiences and there’s an increasing consumer expectation for brands and organisations to be accountable and present. It makes sense for your business to be there!

Marketing via social-media requires a strategy, an identity and a personality for your online business. Our goal is to help you define this strategy, identity and personality; grow your brand and audience, and make some new friends along the way!

Here’s how we help:

  • Consultation to understand your business, how and which social websites to leverage
  • Define a social media strategy for your chosen platforms
  • Develop and create the content elements for your social media strategy
  • Design and creation of your social media profiles
  • Training and guidance for social media management
  • Social media crisis planning, consultation and guidance
  • Social application design and development

To find out how you can leverage social media to connect with existing and potential customers and grow your business give us a call today on +44(0)1420 540227 or email

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