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Bing Ranking Algorithm Includes CTR

I just read Bing have finally confirmed what some of us have suspected for some time. Bing definitely do use CTR as a ranking factor. Although Bing is currently very much the also-ran, in terms of search engine market share; their partnership with Yahoo! (which will be in effect in the UK before year end) (read more)

London Affiliate Conference – Keynote: Bing, The New Search Experience

Speakers: Cedric Chambaz and Adam Goodman – Microsoft Advertising. Confession. I bleed purple. I have an emotional as well as professional motive for attending this session. I’m also becomming a big Bing fan of late and I’m pretty excited to see what they come up with this year. 2009 – Bing has established itself as (read more)

A Week in Digital

It’s been a funny old week (and a bit more… ) in the online industry. We’ve had huge budget product launches from Microsoft; frankly weird search tool updates in the form of Google Squared. Some sort of attempt to cater to the vocal “I like my 10 blue links in a spreadsheet” community, and by (read more)

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