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Using Structured Data to Super-Charge Your Search – My Talk from On The Edge Manchester 2013

I spoke today at On The Edge Manchester, a leading one-day conference for digital maketers; on the subject of using structured data and how to get this mark-up to display rich search snippets. Here’s my slides from the day… Turbo-Charge Your Search Traffic with Structured Data from theMediaFlow My slides are fairly visual so here’s (read more)

The Return of Authorship Stats in Webmaster Tools & Some Data

I really enjoy playing around with enhancing SERP listings and rich snippets, and have done work on a lot of websites getting authorship mark-up onto my own and client websites. When I was first doing this, it was possible to review some results from this in Google Webmaster Tools, and I was really disappointed when (read more)

Bing Ranking Algorithm Includes CTR

I just read Bing have finally confirmed what some of us have suspected for some time. Bing definitely do use CTR as a ranking factor. Although Bing is currently very much the also-ran, in terms of search engine market share; their partnership with Yahoo! (which will be in effect in the UK before year end) (read more)

Why Metadata Matters

We’re often asked by our clients ‘What is metadata?’ and ‘Why is metadata important?’ Metadata quite literally means ‘data about data’. In terms of web pages, metadata allows you to describe your website, mostly for the sake of search engines but it can also benefit your users too. The HTML format allows for the inclusion (read more)

Wolfram Alpha – Potential threat to Google’s cash cow?

Google has the search market share nailed. Pretty much globally. Search insiders, bloggers, analysts and experts tend to be in agreement that incremental improvements to search relevancy can only take the competition so far (or actually not very far at all). Consensus is that any serious threat to Google dominance will come from the search (read more)

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