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Bing Ranking Algorithm Includes CTR

I just read Bing have finally confirmed what some of us have suspected for some time. Bing definitely do use CTR as a ranking factor. Although Bing is currently very much the also-ran, in terms of search engine market share; their partnership with Yahoo! (which will be in effect in the UK before year end) (read more)

Turn an Error into an Opportunity (Commercial ’404′)

You may be aware that one of the many foundation, best-practise points recommended by search engine optimisation experts is to have your own customised error page. An error page is the page of content presented, when an error has occurred in trying to access or locate content on your website. In this case we are (read more)

Google – Well we can’t all be perfect!

SEO is in some ways a science and at the same time a craft. Given that the search engine algorithms are kept possibly more secret than ‘The Colonels Secret Recipe’, none of us know for certain the definite answer to any SEO question. Our theories of what works and what does not work, must be (read more)

Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors Explained

SEO can be a confusing discipline for many, including those within the online industry. A lot of conflicting advice, secrecy, misdirection and outdated practise still exist. A good way to get a feel for how to cut the bullshit, (if you’re a small business or brand owner, seeking to hire an SEO) is to refer (read more)

How and Why to Own Google Page 1 for Your Brand

For any business, your brand is one of the most important things about you. It’s your intellectual property, your social currency, your reputation and what makes you distinct from any other organisation. It is arguably easier now than it ever has been to reinforce and promote your brand, due to media and technologies that allow (read more)

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